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Abstract: Electronic commerce, usually called e-commerce or e-business consists This paper presents a summary of security and privacy issues related to e-.
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The study will provide the requirements of and benefits that will be accrued by adopting ecommerce. Investigating ways in which small businesses benefit from ecommerce. This study will focus on small businesses and the benefits they have gained by investing in ecommerce. The research will also assess the opportunities and challenges of using ecommerce in small businesses. Benefits of using ecommerce to both buyers and sellers. The study will be investigating the benefits that are associated with the use of ecommerce to both buyers and sellers.

E-commerce Dissertation Topics

This study will also assess what influences the buyers to prefer buying from companies that have ecommerce systems and not from the companies that have traditional systems. Regulations and standards that guide the implementation of ecommerce. This study will examine the regulatory bodies that are assigned the responsibilities of ensuring that ecommerce systems in the company are effective.

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Each topic is presented with adequate background information Dissertation Topic Help Recent Ideas for an Ecommerce Research Paper Topic One of the many things that may interest you as a student is having the ability to run a successful business, however for that to happen, you need to be educated, skilled, and experienced. A Sample of the Latest Ecommerce Research Topic Ideas Analysis of the best security mechanisms implemented on ecommerce The aim of this study will be to analyze all the security mechanisms that are implemented in ecommerce systems to ensure data safety.

Comparing the benefits of ecommerce in different fields This study will compare the benefits acquired by companies from different fields by adopting ecommerce. Using Business Process Reengineering to integrate ecommerce into a company This study will examine the process of business process reengineering in a given company. It also defines the sampling; population used for data collection and the questionnaire design.

The security of the payment system is the main concern which must be addressed in order to bring confidence for the user. In their books according to electronic payment systems for e-commerce the Laudon's K. Laudon and J Laundon, and G.

Beefing up your e-commerce security can help you grow as a reputable online business.

Shneider presented the concept of CIA Confidentiality, integrity and availability as a quality to which a payment system must conform. So this research will use this concept to assess security of online payment systems in DRC. Of course the other elements of the security focusing on human, physical infrastructure, etc are most likely to be easy to set up and should exist in most of the bank IT infrastructure in the country. So CIA remains a challenge because as it is well known, all other security elements regarding e-payment systems have as prime objective to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system.

The research design or methodology describes the process and actions taken to collect responses or data and the way these responses have been analyzed to give an answer the research question. For this research, the literature review didn't provide relevant information to the research question for this study; therefore it is difficult to use secondary data collection method.

In fact, because of the specificity of the subject and the use of component elements of a framework to assess the security of e-payment systems in the specified country, the primary data collection method is the best one for this research. Data responses will be collected directly from participants to the survey which will use questionnaire built from checklists. E-commerce is on its inception phase in the country, therefore it is not already perceived as part of the economical live.

For this reason, the research will also use interviews as to get some responses in a face-to-face interaction with stakeholders in the e-payment and e-commerce planet.

E-commerce: Security and Privacy Essay

Prior to justify which methodology is better for this research, it is better to give an overview of the two methodologies used for data collection; qualitative and quantitative. These two definitions indicate clearly that qualitative research is based on observation of specific field or area of research without statistical analysis in the mind. For qualitative research data or response is collected by the mean of questionnaire or interviews.

It has been stated by professor G. In quantitative research, even though data can be collected some time using interview like for the qualitative methodology, the focus is to simplify, objectify or quantify the observation so that data collected can be easily interpreted using statistical tools. The difference between the two methodologies is given in the table below provided by Malhotra , cited by Mirza et al. Table 1: Qualitative vs quantitative research methodologies Source: Mirza et al.

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To quantify the data and generalize the results from the sample to the population of interest. The choice of the research methodology depends on the nature of the research area and the way data have to be collected and analyzed. The two methodologies present some similarities, such as: Sherril L. Jackson, , p :. However the data collection and the sampling methods are the determinant elements for this research; because of the specificity of its research question which is based on perceived values of the concept CIA confidentiality, integrity and availability applied to the e-payment systems in the DRC Democratic republic of Congo.

These characteristics of the e-payment systems to be assessed are most likely to be quantified. Of course for this research some interviews will be used to clarify some concepts developed in the questionnaire to avoid misunderstood or confusions in responses, however, depending on the way the questionnaire will be structured by the use of checklist, responses will be easily translated into quantified information.

For example to assess the availability of e-payment system, the checklist can be used to determine either or not the system is redundant, and if the redundancy consists on high availability system or not. It appears, in the light of the two examples provided above, quantitative research method is the most appropriate for this research because the collected information or responses will be analyzed statistically to assess at which extend the e-payment systems in DRC are compliant with the CIA concept.

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The structured data collection method, the statistical data analysis and the primary data collection method through surveys which will be used in this research confirm the choice of the quantitative research method approach of this study. It is clearly indicated in the previous section that this research will use the survey as primary data collection method; this involves the organization of participants to the survey by using sample of representative population to ensure that collected data can be generalized for a reliable conclusion.

There are two main ways to define a sampling; probability and nonprobability. Sherril L. Jackson , p defines these two sampling techniques as follow. According to what was defined previously about the choice of the methodology regarding the specific nature of the research question, the nonprobability sampling technique will be used.

Security for e commerce sites: issue or opportunity?

However, there are two kinds of nonprobability; the convenience sampling and the quota sampling Sherril L. Jackson, , p Within these two sectors, participants are chosen in the area of security management, regulation and implantation :. This structure of the sampling in this study shows that definitely, the research is using the quota sampling technique. The survey will be conducted to sixteen 16 commercial banks located in the capital city of the DRC Kinshasa , the Central Bank of the DRC and the three 3 main mobile operators offering m-payment services.

Commercial banks are those implementing e-payment systems and offering e-payment services to customers while mobile operators are implementing m-payment systems and offering m-payment services. On top of these two organizations, the Central Bank is acting as the monetary authority in the country and de facto regulator of the banking system in the country and therefore in charge of defining e-payments regulation and rules.

see For the commercial banks and the mobile operators sectors, the sample will consist of:. For the central bank, as the guarantor of the financial regulation, answers will be provided by:. This sampling definition ensures that all the existing commercial banks in the country will participate in the survey and therefore constitute the whole population of possible informants for this research.

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The size of the sample for which we are expecting respondents for this survey is Questionnaire uses closed-ended questions and checklists will use likert rating scale which will provide all alternatives of the response. Surveys have been sent by email through the traditional mail system hands delivery to the reception with an acknowledgement of the receipt of the questionnaire.

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For this reason, questions have been clearly explained to allow self-explanation to the respondent. However, for the CEO and the IT officer, some interviews have been requested to clarify particularity of questions which have sensitive perception for them. Data collected through the survey have to be organized in such way to be used by descriptive statistics tools because the research method used is quantitative. The first step consists of grouping data into tables; therefore for this research the frequency distribution is the best method for the organization of data collected.

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The research question focuses on characteristics of e-payment systems which are meaningful for its security. This limitation influences the way collected data will be used to assess the security of e-payment systems.